Notes on Vervaeke/Pageau Conversation

I was watching this conversation between Pageau and Vervaeke, moderated by Paul Vanderklay and left some long comments in the comment section that I thought I would repost here for future reference. It strikes me that much of what I've been trying to communicate through this blog was expressed in that conversation. My series on … Continue reading Notes on Vervaeke/Pageau Conversation

Kill all Normies and Radicalism, Various Thoughts

In her book Kill All Normies: Online culture wars from 4Chan and Tumbler to Trump and the Alt-Right, Angela Nagel argues that our culture is obsessed with transgression. What Nagel means by “transgression” is the constant attempt to frame oneself as “anti-establishment,” one’s art as “subversive,” one’s political views as “radical,” or one’s moral pronouncements … Continue reading Kill all Normies and Radicalism, Various Thoughts

A Theology of Weakness

In my last piece, I contrasted the powerless way of God the baby, with the satanic way of Herod the King. For those with the eyes and ears to see, my piece was filled with allusions to the failures of the Church.