Kierkegaard critiques the Objective Approach

Prelude “Away from Speculation! Back to Christianity!” Kierkegaard writes. This short statement encapsulates one of the central themes of Kierkegaard’s thought: (the parts I’ve read anyhow) that Christianity is to be approached subjectively, not objectively. The objective approach, is, to Kierkegaard, the dispassionate pursuit of WHAT is true. The individuals personal feelings and passions are … Continue reading Kierkegaard critiques the Objective Approach


Conversation with Paul Vanderklay

I talked with Paul Vanderklay this afternoon: Paul and I talked previously:

The Incarnation Critiques Modernity and Fundamentalism

There is something strange about the modernist/fundamentalist split. The two are diametrically opposed, but seem to be strikingly similar at the same time. Both think the world is made of stuff. One side thinks it contains ‘spiritual’ stuff, the other side thinks there is only material stuff. My view: Both sides neglect the role of … Continue reading The Incarnation Critiques Modernity and Fundamentalism

The Particular Individual

In the last few days/weeks I have written several posts dealing with broad, abstract things: Truth, goodness, beauty, the monarchical vision, God, heaven and earth and so fourth. I do have a weakness for the broad and abstract, the heavenly instead of the earthly and the practical. One thing I’ve noticed is that Jesus doesn’t … Continue reading The Particular Individual

Jesus as Lord and the Path of Suffering

Paul Vanderklay often talks about the providence of reading many different books at the same time and the insights that can emerge as a result. I had this experience recently when reading NT Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God, along with the gospel of Mark. Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov and a recent Q and … Continue reading Jesus as Lord and the Path of Suffering

Christians and Athiests I really enjoyed this conversation between Mary and Paul this morning. One part, starting at 40:50 really struck me. Mary pointed out the different way Christians and atheists see each other. In the past, atheists saw Christians as having something they didn't. Christians have faith, they see something, a greater reality, that the atheist … Continue reading Christians and Athiests