Friends and Neighbours Evening 2022

Hello Friends,

I hope you are having a joyful and restful Christmas season.

I thought I would share the following link with you. Some friends and I have been working on a Hutterite Christmas video, featuring Hutterites from all over. Look forward to an evening of choirs, small groups, solos, instrumental pieces, as well as poetry, artwork and Christmas messages from Hutterites far and near. My readers might be interested in the reading of Kierkegaard’s parable of the King and the Milkmaid by Doris Wurtz!

Feel free to share this link with friends or family who would like to tune in.

I’ve attached a link to the live premiere on December 28th, at 7:00 PM CST.

I hope you can tune in and I wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year!


  1. “Go tell it on the Mountain”
    African American spiritual, 19th century.
    Improvisation by Jessica Maendel (Oak Bluff).
  2. Welcome Message,
    See Danika Warkentin’s speech “Come Join the Feast”
    Janelle Waldner (Silverwinds); Julian Waldner (Decker); Hadassah Maendel (Baker).
  3. “Light of the Stable”
    Music and text: Elizabeth Rhymer and Stephen Rhymer, 1975.
    Performed by a Netley Family Band: Lorraine, Demetrius, and Jediah Hofer.
  4. “Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven”
    Music and text: Keith And Kristyn Getty, 2011
    Performed by the Odanah Children’s Choir.
  5. “Advent Hymn”
    Music: Christy Nockels; Text: based on Charles Wesley’s “Morning Hymn,” additional text by Christy Nockels; arr. Joseph M. Martin, 2016.
    Performed by the Baker Hutterite Choir.
  6. A Christmas Message: Giving Generously
    Pastor Edward Kleinsasser (Crystal Spring).
  7. “Three Little Pennies”
    Music and text: Kim Tribble and Timothy Bays, 1990.
    Performed by a Crystal Spring Family Band: Glen, Lorette, Lauren, and Niel Kleinsasser.
  8. “Angels From the Realms of Glory”
    Music: Henry Smart; Text: James Montgomery, 1816.
    Performed by the Deep Creek Hutterian Choir.
  9. “We are the Shepherds”
    Music and text: Johnny Cash, 1963.
    Performed by the Fairholme Small Choir.
  10. “He Shall Reign Forevermore”
    Music and text: Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher.
    Performed by Valerie Waldner (Oakbluff).
  11. A Christmas Message: Live Simply, Love Abundantly
    Beverly Walter (Netley).
  12. “Joy to the World”
    Music: based on George Frideric Handel, arr. Lowel Mason; Text: based on Psalm 98, Isaac Watts, 1719.
    Performed by the Palmgrove School Choir, Nigeria.
  13. “Glorious Impossible”
    Music and text: Carl Cartee, Joe Beck, and Wendy Wills.
    Performed by the Brentwood Trio: Dorthea Stahl, Kara Stahl and Leanne Wurtz.
  14. “Oh, Star of Love”
    Music: Butch G. Wipf, 2009.
    Performed by the New Rosedale Youth Choir
  15. “The Call of Christmas”
    Music and text: Zach Williams, Tony Wood, and Jonathan Smith, 2017.
    Performed by Emily Hofer, Isabella Hofer, and Taiylor Hofer (Springhill).
  16. A Christmas Message: God Works Through Weakness
    Pastor Michael Waldner (Decker).
  17. “Go Light Your World”
    Music and text: Christopher M. Rice, 1993. 
    Performed by Wingham School Choir.
  18. “Joy unto the World”
    Music and text: Dan Ostebo, Ethan Hulse, Jordan Mohilowski, Joshua Havens, and Matt Fuqua, 2019.
    Performed by the Acadia Girls’ Choir.
  19. “We Will Dance”
    Music and text: The Bowery, 2011.
    Performed by Tom and Anita McAdams (Crystal Spring).
  20. “Let the Valleys be raised”
    Music: Dan Schutte; text: based on Isaiah 40, D.S.
    Performed by the Hofer Family (Silverwinds).
  21. A Montage: Isaiah 11:1-10
    Introduced by Kenny Wollmann (Baker).
    Produced by Shannon Waldner (Baker).
  22. “Light of the World (Sing Hallelujah)”
    Music and text: Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Cash, Martin Cash, and Andrew Bergthold, 2020.
    Performed by the Valley View Girls Choir.
  23. “Let all Things now Living”
    Music: Welsh folk tune; Text: Katherine K. Davis, 1939.
    Performed by the Decker Youth Choir.
  24. “Canon in D”
    Johann Pachelbel, 1680.
    Performed by the Millshof Quartet: Miriam Wollman, piano; Brianna Gross, violin; Janelle Gross, violin; Tatiana Gross, violin.
  25. “Christmas Eve in Bethlehem”
    Music and text: Hannah Kerr and Jason Earley, 2017.
    Performed by the Sprucelane Small Choir.
  26. A Story: “Der König und das Mädchen [The King and the Maiden]”
    Written by Søren Kierkegaard.
    Read by Doris Waldner (Hutterville).
  27. “From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable”
    Music and text: Stuart Townsend, 1999.
    Performed by the We Come Girls’ Choir (Trileaf).
  28. “Christmas in Heaven”
    Music and text: Scotty McCreery, 2012.
    Performed by Fern Kleinsasser (Crystal Spring).
  29. “On Christmas Night all Christians sing”
    Music and text: traditional English carol
    Performed by the Oak Bluff Children’s Choir.
  30. “Christmas Sanctus”
    Music: Lee Dengler; Text: Susan Naus Dengler, 2012.
    Performed by the GA Youth Choir.
  31. A Poem: “O Emmanuel”
    Written by Malcolm Guite (from “Waiting on the Word: A Poem a Day for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany,” 2015).
    Recited by Renae Stahl (Odanah).
  32. “O come, all ye Faithful”
    Music: Gareth Davies-Jones, 2018; Text: attr. John F. Wade, English: Frederick Oakeley, 1841, alt.
    Performed by the Baker Dindl-Diene Choir.
  33. “Nun ist sie Erschienen, die Himmlische Sonne [Now the Heavenly Sun has Appeared]”
    Music: James N. Murray; Text: Wilhelm Horn, 1877.
    Performed by the Maple Grove Youth Choir.
  34. “King of Kings”
    Music and text: Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, and Jason Ingram, 2019.
    Performed by Miyah Hofer (Springhill).
  35. “Wonder of Wonders”
    Introduced by Chris Stahl
    Music and text: Charles B. Wycuff.
    Performed by the Odanah Small Choir.
  36. “Remind me who I am”
    Music and text: Jason Ingram and Jason Gray, 2011.
    Performed by the Decker Diene Choir.
  37. “O du fröhliche…Weihnachtszeit [Oh, thou joyful…Christmastime]”
    Music: Sicilian folk tune, 1803.
    Performed by Ty Waldner, electric guitar; Abigaile Waldner, violin; Laura Waldner, violin; Anya Waldner, violin; Nadia Hofer, violin (Wingham).

The featured artwork is called Friends and Neighbours by Grace Waldner.


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