Christianity, Creation and Climate Change

This piece comes in the wake of the First Reformed movie review and is my attempt to think through some of the themes and questions raised by that film, as well as gather my own thoughts on the issue of Christianity and Creation care.   This is not about Climate Change The question of the … Continue reading Christianity, Creation and Climate Change

Postmodernism as God’s Judgement on Christendom

“Christendom has done away with Christianity, without being quite aware of it,” Kierkegaard wrote in 1850, “the consequence is that if anything is to be done, one must again try to introduce Christianity into Christendom.” This notion of “introducing Christianity into Christendom” is near the heart of Kierkegaard’s project. It helps explain Kierkegaard’s curious method … Continue reading Postmodernism as God’s Judgement on Christendom

What is Truth? Part 3: The Incarnation

This is part three of a three part series. Part one can be found here, part two can be found here. This is where we return to our original question, how can a person, Jesus, claim to be the truth? To answer this question, we need to outline the Christian narrative in broad strokes, beginning … Continue reading What is Truth? Part 3: The Incarnation