Christianity, Creation and Climate Change

This piece comes in the wake of the First Reformed movie review and is my attempt to think through some of the themes and questions raised by that film, as well as gather my own thoughts on the issue of Christianity and Creation care.   This is not about Climate Change The question of the … Continue reading Christianity, Creation and Climate Change

A Theology of Weakness

Introduction: Herod or God the Baby? In my last post, I contrasted the powerless way of God the baby, with the satanic way of Herod the King. For those with the eyes and ears to see, my post was filled with elusions to the failures of the Church. Indeed, this dichotomy of power versus weakness, … Continue reading A Theology of Weakness

Pointing and Participating: The Good, The True and The Beautiful

In the Classical Christian conception, God is the source of all being, all things participate in his being. Evil does not participate in God, but rather is non-being and privation of being. Being therefore is good. Although God is beyond our finite comprehension and cannot be fully grasped through His creation, we participate and catch … Continue reading Pointing and Participating: The Good, The True and The Beautiful