2 thoughts on “Short Film

  1. Hi Julian, I loved this film! It hits the nail on the head! I still haven’t tackled the question of melancholy and joy for two reasons 1) i have been so busy on the farm….summertime! 2) i haven’t finished Fear and Trembling yet…for the first reason:). I wonder if you have read any of George Macdonald? I think you would find him very thought provoking. I have started reading his Unspoken Sermons. You can download all of his books on Gutenberg.org for free. I have a the Kindle app on my iPad. That works great. Keep up the great blogging Julian! And thanks for the thought provoking film.


    1. I have not read any George Macdonald I’m afraid, I haven’t even looked into CS Lewis at any depth. I sort of follow my interest, so people like Macdonald or Lewis might pop up to the top of my attention hierarchy later in time. 🙂 Is there anything about Macdonald that you think I might find interesting in particular?
      Have a look at this link I shared with another commentor recently: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/joy-of-kierkegaard/joy-of-kierkegaard/667A3E91F4C2528BCA58C6D72B2CECDA
      This is a book I would love to read. 🙂


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